Environmental Policy

Horizon Shores is a diversified marine business located on 94 hectares at Cabbage Tree Point Road Woongoolba. The facility comprises the following elements / operations;

  • 500 Wet Berth Marina

  • 350 Dry Stack Boat Storage

  • 200 Trailer Boat Storage

  • Public Boat Ramp

  • Fuel Wharf with 50,000 ltrs underground storage capacity

  • 70t Haulout and 6 hectare Service Yard

  • 2,679 sqm of Marine Industrial Sheds

  • 250 sqm Retail Commercial Buildings

  • Common Areas, Roads, Pathways and Parklands

Horizon Shores, its management team, and staff, endeavours to undertake all activities in full compliance with all relevant State and Federal Legislation.

Horizon Shores is committed to promoting and delivering best environmental management practices, ensuring the long-term health of the environment and public is maintained across all it operations and activities.

Horizon Shores is dedicated to educating its staff, users, contractors, tenants and general public in best environmental practices, and the need to care for our environment. This is achieved through:

  • Environmental policies & procedures;

  • Awareness training;

  • Induction training;

  • Emergency pollution training drills;

  • Emergency contingency plans;

  • Newsletters / flyers;

  • Signage, Reporting, auditing and continual improvement.

Horizon Shores undertakes to measure environmental performance, review against set objectives and take necessary actions to ensure improved and sustainable performance.

Horizon Shores understands the responsibility for the future sustainability of the environment and recognises the relationships that exist between the key areas of energy, water, waste, health and comfort.

To achieve its environmental goals, Horizon Shores undertakes to;

  • Support the application of state-of-the-art and emerging ESD principles and techniques in building design, construction and operation;

  • Reduce energy consumption and water use;

  • Reduce the generation of waste and reuse and recycle wherever possible

  • Continually monitor and reduce its carbon footprint wherever possible

MSQ Marine Pollution Information