Horizon Shores Shipyard state-of-the-art facility is one of the largest in Australia and includes after hour’s security patrols, valet services and DIY customers are welcome.

  • Travelift haulout 70t & 80ft long
  • Forklifts up to 10t
  • External hardstand
  • Work arm
  • Enclosed refit/repair sheds:
    23m long x 12m wide x 10m high.
  • High pressure water blast 

Maximum lifting with Travelift Haul-out 70 tonne & 80 feet in length enables Horizon Shores Marina to guarantee your prized possession is in safe and experienced hands. The unique facilities provide you the opportunity of watching the routine hauling process whilst enjoying a perfect coffee from The Anchorage Café.


Our 9 tonne Boat forklifts ensure exceptionally strong lift speeds - up to 13 metres in a single stack. The result? Fast, efficient handling for high density boat storage and direct boat release on the water. Your favourite craft is in capable hands at Horizon Shores Marina.


Our impressive hard stand facility can handle up to 250 tonne within a secure fenced shipyard. With direct access to water, electricity and other essential services: travelift and forklifts. Alongside are world class boat fit-out workshops and suppliers. 


Our work berths are conveniently positioned alongside world class boat builders and repairers services. All committed to high quality on and off water repair, maintenance, cleaning and other boating services. These centrally located work berths allow you to leave it to the experts, while you enjoy a tempting breakfast or lunch in The Anchorage Cafe, please enquire here


Seeking secure covered workspace with all the Horizon Shores Marina benefits? Some of our leasing solutions include flexible commercial sheds: L23 m x W12 m x H10 m . Perfect for building and refitting of high performance commercial and private vessels. Larger sheds range up to 2000 square meters. All have access to other undercover custom tenants, highly qualified in boat-building and repair. Short term & Long term commercial lease options available


Horizon Shores Marina prides itself on best practice high pressure water jetting. Even difficult locations can be taken care of, whilst not damaging the surface of your boat. For best results for scrabbling, surface preparation, and removal of unsightly impacts from other vessels rely on the professional team.


All your DIY boating projects to improve your boat’s performance, and your seamanship, are supported with an array of on-site contractors and services.


Our on site tenants have the ability to offer project management services to take away the stress of deadlines, budgets and quality control. This ensures smooth delivery on refit, repair, or the new build of your vessel.

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